Why Solace?

Designed for everyone

Solace was designed to ensure that good businesses have access to strong and stable banking solutions. Our core beliefs are perfectly encapsulated through our definition – comfort in a time of distress. We work to ensure all those who are looking for a resolution to their business banking requirements are able to achieve in a seamless manner.

  • Hassle-free, low-cost solutions
  • Delivering top tier results
Want to feel recognised, fully understood and catered for

Solace is the Solution

We know that businesses need more than a one size fits all approach to banking, and we work to make sure that all businesses feel as though they are recognised, fully understood and catered for appropriately.

  • Comprehensive range of services
  • Solutions to suit all businesses
Our team is comprised of an experienced group of fintech and banking experts, focussed on delivering the best results for all our clients. We believe that whether you are a small entrepreneurial start-up or a large international conglomerate, everyone deserves a hassle-free, low-cost way to move money around, and Solace is the solution.