Business Bank Accounts

Guiding applications from start to finish

Our internal in-house team will begin by assessing financial risk, ensuring that you are getting the bank account that is most appropriate for your business – By retaining an internal underwriting team this allows us to optimise efficiency, as clients will not need to outsource this from a third party provider when looking to open their business bank accounts with us.

This also allows our clients to get started as soon as possible, sending and receiving money over international borders in the most adept manner. Clients can expect immediate satisfaction through our easy on-boarding process. Our efficient systems utilise data biometrics, live-ness check and real-time processing to orchestrate the smoothest ID journeys. We combine smooth workflows with robust data services and efficient case management to help tackle KYC challenges head on.

SWIFT and SEPA Connectivity to allow effortless international transactions

IBAN bank accounts

Our multicurrency, dedicated IBAN accounts are issued in the name of your company and are held at reputable European banks.

  • Allows your business to effortlessly send and receive payments over international borders
  • Comprehensive online platform and customisable signatory permissions allows you to take full control of your business balances and payments.

Our IBAN accounts provide superior security for your financials. The worldwide standardised IBAN bank codes ensure greater protection for business bank accounts by limiting risks and minimising fraud by utilising a personalised number approach.

By ensuring that we are taking advantage of this system for our international payments we can ensure that clients feel safeguarded during their time with us.

IBAN bank accounts are accepted through both SEPA and SWIFT connectivity, resulting in fast secure payments to Europe and other key international locations. Utilising such allowances means that our clients can continue smooth operations no matter their location, or the location of their suppliers.

Specialist Bank Accounts

A unified and holistic approach to managing business funds

We are driving innovation in the sector through the effective use of financial technology, consolidating the services of different banks using a single, simple and comprehensive Online Payment System.

Unlike other providers, we offer consolidated payment services. Our ability to open accounts with various banks makes us more responsive to the needs of your business, whether it be in providing an industry specific solution, local settlement capabilities or discounted currency conversion.