About us

Why Solace?

Frustrated by the obstacles of modern-day banking systems, Solace was designed to implement hassle free online banking solutions to those who need it most.

Through our network of leading European banking partners, we open IBAN accounts in multiple currencies and deliver global payment services to a range of business clients.

Keeping your finances secure

Strong and stable banking

Solace was designed to ensure that good businesses have access to strong and stable banking solutions. Born from frustrations of current banking systems, here at Solace we recognise that business owners want to open bank accounts quickly and are looking to get their product to market in the shortest possible time, and so we have developed our systems to support this.

  • Comprehensive experience to provide expert advice on best practice
  • Full SWIFT and SEPA Connectivity

Effective Fintech Implementation

Tailored banking solutions

We believe in the power of technology and influence it can have on making financial services inclusive to all businesses. We know that businesses need more than a one size fits all approach to banking, and we work to make sure that all businesses feel as though they are recognised, understood fully and catered for.

  • Make real-time automated decisions
  • Sophisticated yet simple-to-use no-code platforms
International Connections

Global network access

Our global network of leading European banking partners means that we can open International Business Bank Accounts in multiple currencies and deliver global payment services to a variety of business clients with ease.

  • Foreign Exchange Services Available
  • Dedicated IBAN for your company accounts

Keeping your finances secure

Tailored banking solutions

Solace works in conjunction with a variety of selected partners to ensure your funds are safe at all times. All IBAN accounts opened through us are held with some of Europe’s largest banks, each holding and maintaining their own capital.

  • Accounts are held in accordance with rules set out by the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA)
  • In compliance with international regulations stipulated in Basel III.
  • All accounts operate around settlement and reserve accounts, which hold all client funds on a fully secure and instantly available basis